BFS Rentals is locally owned and operated.  We have over 20 years experience in spearfishing, freediving, snorkel, scuba, and underwater photography.

Our friendly, knowledable staff will assist you with your questions and teach you how to use everything you rent.
Speargun and Fishing Rental
If you're planning a spearfishing trip, competing in a tournament, or just want to demo a new gun before you commit to buying, a speargun rental is the perfect solution. 

We also carry supplies such as weight belts, float lines, and extra bands

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We specialize in the rental of user-friendly waterproof cameras for your photography needs while snorkeling, boating, fishing, diving, kayaking, and jet-skiing.  Rent for a few hours or the weekend.

Ask about adding one to your trip!  Free Delivery!

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Underwater Camera Rental
Speargun and Spearfishing Equipment Rental
Underwater Photography and Waterproof Camera Rental
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