Frequenty Asked Questions
How do I rent a piece of equipment?
Easy!  Give us a call at 305-517-3051 or email us at  

Are the rental spearguns new or used? 
Most of our spearguns are less than 2 years old.  We use only high quality equipment, which is tested before and after each rental.  Shafts, bands, reels, and other parts are replaced regularly to ensure maximum functionality and safety.  Newer spearguns are used for demo when deciding on a purchase.

Do you offer spearguns or underwater cameras for sale?
As a general rule, No.  However, occasionally we rotate inventory to make way for fresh equipment, and in those cases, gear still in good working order that may just have cosmetic or minor imperfections, will be offered for sale.  If a piece of equipment is for sale, it will be indicated on the rental page. 

If I rent a camera or piece of spearfishing equipment and would rather purchase it than return it, can I?
It depends on how long the gear has been in service.  The best way to find out is just to ask!

I'm not exactly sure how long I will need the equipment.  Do you offer extensions on your rentals?
Yes!  We are very flexible.  As long as a piece of equipment hasn't been promised to another customer in anticipation of it being returned, you may renew your rental as many times as you need to.  Your contract will indicate the amount of time we need to reinstate your rental term.  Just call or email us!

What happens if I damage a piece of equipment I'm renting?
We are very understanding and realize things happen sometimes.  If you accidentally damage something, please contact us as soon as possible.  Upon return of the item, we will inspect and determine probability of repair, and contact you with the estimate.  If you paid the optional damage waiver, you will only be responsible for a percentage of the repair cost, as outlined in your contract.  Repair fees are charged to the card used to reserve the gear out of the held deposit funds, the balance of which are released back to you.  In most cases, repairs can be handled in-house, limiting expense.  Be fair with us, and we'll be fair with you.

What does the damage waiver cover?
It helps defray your costs to a percentage (indicated on your contract, usually 10-50% depending on the item) of the repair fees, or replacement of the item if it is so damaged that it would cost more to repair than to replace.  Otherwise, you are responsible for the full repair or replacement cost.

What is not covered by the damage waiver?
It does NOT cover loss, theft, misplacement, or non-return of the item, or any piece of the item.  (ie, a speargun brought back with no shaft would constitute a loss of a piece of the item, and you would be responsible for replacing that piece).  You are responsible for the safety and security of the equipment while it is in your posession. 

In the case of underwater photography equipment, we test for leaks before every rental and it goes out sealed, fresh card inserted and formatted, with a fully charged battery.  If a camera is damaged by sand or water, this is considered negligence.  Therefore, if you need to swap a card or battery between renewals, bring it to us or call us out for a complimentary swap to avoid problems from improperly resealed housings.

This is my first time using this equipment.  Do you offer training?
Yes!  One of the great things about our service is that it allows people to try out new activities they otherwise coudln't do without significant investment.  If you are renting locally, we will gladly show and demonstrate how to use the gear.  If we are shipping you the equipment, we will be happy to talk you through your first use over the phone.  Do keep in mind that some of the equipment can be dangerous if not properly handled, so always go out with a trusted guide, follow all safety procedures, and have an understanding of local laws.

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Terms of Rental
We encourage you to download and review the rental agreement prior to renting an underwater camera or speargun from us:

Equipment Rental Agreement